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Welcome, new members!!!

Posted on 02/16/2012

I am so happy you are here!
Please no photos or videos and use lj-cut or lj-spoiler if you want to post more than 2 gifs

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Posted on 02/10/2016

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Posted on 02/07/2016
this will always be the best cat gif ever..EVER

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Mom will protect you always!

Posted on 02/06/2016

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Posted on 02/03/2016
snuggle time!!

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spy cats

Posted on 02/01/2016
spy cats.gif

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Posted on 01/31/2016

idgaf about your workout regiment, get off your ass and FEED ME!!!

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Posted on 01/24/2016

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Posted on 01/23/2016
wooooahhhh stinky feet!!!

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My mother's lessons :)

Posted on 01/19/2016
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