Belkabelka (crazyprotein) wrote in lolcats,

Welcome, new members!!!

I am so happy you are here!
Please no photos or videos and use lj-cut or lj-spoiler if you want to post more than 2 gifs
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Your gif is oddly hypnotic...

(here by way of LJ spotlight... *waves hello*)
This comm never fails to put a smile on my face. Even on the worst of days.

Thank you, for knowing and sharing the healing power of cute kitties. :D
Cute Kitty!
Oh so adorable..I wish I do have a cat like that. :)
so cute!
Too cute to quantify... So sweet!
oh your cat is very cute.
Those who seek Me diligently will find Me. Isaiah 45:19 NKJV

In the midst of great spiritual darkness we seek Your light;
In the midst of abounding sin we seek Your righteousness;
In the midst of conflicting voices we seek Your truth;
In the midst of confusion and growing perplexity we seek Your wisdom;
In the midst of self-centeredness and personal gain we seek Your glory;
In the midst of insecurity and uncertainty we seek Your hope;
In the midst of difficulty and increasing needs we seek Your provision;
In the midst of illnesses and weakness we seek Your wholeness;
In the midst of worries and deepening restlessness we seek Your peace.
In the midst of selfishness and injustice we seek Your kingdom.
In the midst of ruined lives and broken spirits we seek Your healing;
In the midst of hurting hearts we seek Your love.

Thank You, Father, for your assurance that those who seek You will also find You.
it's cute cat, I like it.
so glad to be a new member here! that cat is a qt btw :P
droppin' by to say Hi since I just join, I guess O/
Sorry if this is out of topic, but what software do you use to make the gifs. Is there an online free software, my flash just expired.
aww the cat is soo cute..
love it..!
the cats rock!!!!
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