Belkabelka (crazyprotein) wrote in lolcats,

spam removed. community back to normal :) meow!

thanks leesa_perrie for letting me know spam got out of hand here :)
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I was worried you hadn't seen it, so thought I'd better PM to be safe. I know how easy it is for this to happen to communities, I've run a few in my time!

Thanks for clearing out the spam, and for running this comm!! :D
most post were from already deleted users
just some weird spam attack that wasn't caught by automated spam catcher :)
Thank you.
Yay! Thank you!
Thanks! I was wondering if the community was no longer even being modded there for a min!
holidays and werk shmerk got in the way! :)


January 24 2017, 18:44:54 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 24 2017, 18:50:12 UTC

Thanks so much! I still see 2 messages that look like spam, though. At least they look like spam to me.

They both have videos that appear to be advertising toys or something, from what I can see.

CORRECTION: I see 4 spam posts, one of which is the same video posted twice.

ok I am gonna check more pages deep

thanks for letting me know!
Thank you =^.^=
Had The Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian" playing in the background when I saw the pic in your post. Mesmerizing combination.
All I could think of when I saw that spam was...what the heck does THAT stuff have to do with cats??

Yaaaaay back to normal.:)
Thank you!
I guess we are getting new spam then. The Zootopia one is from today.
I removed a video yesterday
I'm gonna look at the community posting settings :/